'Destiny 2' News & Update: Assured Sequel's Release Date On 2017; Bungie To Release Game On PC? [VIDEO]


As the year comes to an end with triple-A games being released left and right, fans and gamers can still expect bigger things in the following year. With the recent earnings call, fans have been reassured that "Destiny 2" is well on its way to its 2017 release date. With this, rumors of the sequel being released on PC have surfaced as well.

Bungie has announced the development of "Destiny 2" back in 2014. Since then, the developers did mention that the highly-anticipated sequel was to have a 2017 release date, University Herald learned.

However, there haven't been much details regarding this as both Bungie and Activision has done well in keeping the lid tight. But fans shouldn't worry about the game suddenly being pushed back to a later release date since it was announced in an earnings call that developers have reassured fans that the game will definitely be launched in 2017, Gamespot reported.

It was stated that Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg assured the fans that "Destiny 2" is on track for its 2017 release date, without divulging any specifics, Gamespot noted. He also went on to tell the analysts that the company is aimed at broadening the appeal of the franchise.

Hirshberg went on to explain that the sequel is meant to revitalize the interest of the predecessor's current gamers and to expand the franchise's playerbase further, Gamespot learned. The goal was said to be for the game to rack in about a million of new players interested to the game.

Moreover, Gamespot also mentioned that there were rumors of "Destiny 2" would come to PC. These rumors were further bolstered by reports of leaked information speculating the release of the game to PC, Forbes reported.

Back in September, Forbes mentioned that users from NeoGaf, an online gaming forum, posted on the boards stating a supposed release of "Destiny 2" to PC alongside its 2017 release date.

The source went on to discuss in its article as to why it is a viable move for Bungie to release "Destiny 2" on PC. From the graphical performance to online-streaming of the game, Forbes went in detail to say that "Destiny" is a good fit for PC, especially so that the game is a type of massively multiplayer-online game (MMO).

Whether or not the game will be released on PC, one thing fans can expect for "Destiny 2" is that it'll definitely be coming in 2017.

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