'The Division' News & Update: Ubisoft Releases Latest DLC 'Survival'; Is The New Expansion A Bust? [VIDEO]


Fans would agree that developers dishing out new additional content to their beloved games are always a good thing. In recent news, Ubisoft has just released some streaming footage to their fans of the upcoming downloadable content (DLC) to their acclaimed title, "The Division." However, some critics say that this expansion might actually be a mistake, according to sources.

In recent news, Ubisoft has given their fans a glimpse ot heir upcoming paid-DLC "Survival" for their online-only open-world game, "The Division," Kotaku reported. The developers showcased the upcoming expansion via a surprise live-stream, which also informed fans that the DLC will be playable to a few PC players as of the streaming's date.

It was mentioned by Kotaku that the expansion "Survival" for "The Division" was announced back in June during the announcements made at E3. However, development to this downloadable content was pushed back as Massive Entertainment, the Swedish-based game developer, had to focus its efforts in patching the game that was spoiled by imbalances and other game issues.

The "Survival" expansion features a new mode for the game, wherein 24 players aim to reach the center of the map before they find themselves hungry, cold, and killed. The mode is set on the same map but the difference is there's a blizzard blaring down on New York City, Kotaku detailed.

It kicks-off the players from a helicopter crash that places them on random locations, Kotaku learned. Each of the 24 players start with minimal gears and their goal is to reach the center of the map to obtain an antiviral drug. Starvation and weather conditions will affect the player's survival throughout the 2-hour intensive match.

Given the details of the latest expansion for "The Division," some critics disapprove with the new survival mode. It would seem for some that "Survival" would be negating the positive effects that Patch 1.4 has fixed in the game, Forbes reported.

The source mentioned that the recent patch has fixed a great deal of imbalances in the game, and has succeeded in bringing the game back on its track. But the "Survival" expansion might have an opposite effect to the game as it puts the players back in a state of being powerless, Forbes noted.

It would seem that time could only tell as to whether or not the latest expansion, "Survival," for Ubisoft's "The Division" will continue to bring success to the game as its Patch 1.4 did recently.

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