Jason Momoa Thought He Would Play A Villain In 'Justice League' [Video]


Jason Momoa reacted when he thought that director Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. would cast him as a villain in "Justice League."

Momoa's first thought when Snyder approached him for a role in "Justice League" is that he was going to play a different character for the movie. He initially thought he was going to portray a bad guy so he asked the director, who is he going to play?

Thoughts raced through his mind when he heard Snyder said Aquaman, he had to ask twice to be sure he heard him right. Snyder sat him down and explained his vision for Aquaman in "Justice League" and Momoa, after hearing Snyder said, Whoa, buddy. I got your back, according to Gizmondo.

It would be an interesting angle to see a different brand of Aquaman unlike the one in the DC versions of a clean-cut blond king of Atlantis. In the newer DC animated movies where Aquaman was featured, we see a darker side of the aquatic hero, a 'breath of fresh air,' if you will, but he was still blond, though.

Fans can easily visualize and relate with Momoa as a villain in any movie, the "Game of Thrones" alum certainly has the following, the look and the acting chops to prove it. Kal Drogo and Daenerys together cannot be erased that easily from people's minds. Drogo was tough and unrelenting but turns soft and caring when Daeny is concerned. An angle we would want to see as Aquaman in "Justice League."

Momoa thought the trailer for "Justice League" was amazing and had only good things to say about Snyder, according to Comic Book Movie. In the ET Canada interview in the video below, he was asked about the commitment it takes for an actor to say yes just once to this and it ends up being a role for the next 10 years, Momoa cited the ups and downs of the matter-saying actors are constantly unemployed. He said he signed on to be an actor five years ago and suddenly "Justice League" comes along. He says he hoped he made the right decision, and yes, he said he can't wait.

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