‘Wonder Woman’ Star Gal Gadot Says Her Co-actors Are Their Characters In ‘Justice League’ [Video]


Gal Gadot talks about her co-actors in "Justice League" and finds it weird that they are their characters.

"Wonder Woman" may not have a lot of exposure in "Batman vs. Superman," but expect to see more of Princess Diana of Themyscira next year in "Wonder Woman" and "Justice League."

Hey U Guys interviewed Gadot and John Hamm for their upcoming movie "Keeping Up With The Joneses" when "Justice League" was briefly mentioned. the latter pressed the former who among the superheroes she worked with in "Justice League" was her favorite. She says that her co-stars are different but great.

Gadot said that it was super interesting to work with such a big cast, and having so many personalities on set every day. She continued saying that it is funny that each of her co-stars is their character in a weird way.

Gadot even described Henry Cavill (Superman) as having goodwill, polished and pure, while Ben Affleck (Batman) is cynical, darker and Batmany. She even added  that the character of Barry Allen (The Flash) is known for being comedic in the DC Universe, and working with them has been great fun and enjoyable.

Now that the filming for the movie is over, Screen Rant reported that viewers will still have to wait a while before seeing the complete picture. Gadot's recollection of her co-actors on set is encouraging, and having spent time with all her co-stars, she is in a perfect position to judge their performance.

Now, movie fanatics would just have to wait until post-production is done to finally see how Gadot, aka "Wonder Woman," fared with the men in "Justice League." "Wonder Woman" will be shown in theaters first on Jun. 2, 2017.

Check the schedules below for the upcoming screenings of our favorite DC heroes.

Wonder Woman - Jun. 2, 2017

Justice League - Nov. 17, 2017

Aquaman - Jul. 27, 2018

Green Lantern Corps. - Jul. 24, 2020

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