'The Big Bang Theory' Season 10 Spoiler: Last Episode to Set Sheldon to A New 'Geeky' Adventure - A Spinoff? [VIDEO]


"The Big Bang Theory" season 10 is rumored to be the last season and the producer has planned to create a spinoff for Sheldon Cooper.

"The Big Bang Theory" spinoff will portray Sheldon Cooper without his friends

As CBS currently airs "TBBT" season 10, there is still no word on the next season show.

However, rumor has it that duo Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro already plan on a spinoff dedicated to Sheldon's early days before he met his geeky friends and roommate, according to Mirror. It is reported that Bill Prady is ready to sign the deal.

"The Big Bang Theory" spinoff: The early life of Sheldon Cooper

If rumors are to be believed, "TBBT" fans could expect the young Sheldon living with his mother. Sheldon's mom Mary, played by Laurie Metcalfe, often comes in and out of the show as a guest star, Variety reported. The spinoff is highly likely to feature Mary Cooper as a regular.

It is reported that Molaro will focus on Sheldon's storyline - a Texas native genius scientist. The prequel will probably center around his family members - each having a unique character that could be as idiosyncratic as Sheldon himself.

"The Big Bang Theory" spinoff: Will there be season 11?

The most favorite TV show has not yet had any follow up on the next season. Reports suggest that CBS is currently on the talk of "TBBT" Season 11 with Warner Bros but the representative declines to comment. However, many fans have speculated that the last episode in Season 10 might be a hint at Sheldon's new adventure in the spinoff.

Spinoffs are often created when one TV show has earned a massive success. Friend's Joey Tribiani has done it before and Sheldon's new storyline which will take the audience back to his younger days; should be able to offer a fresh plot for his character.

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