'Half Life 3' Release Date: After A Decade of Waiting - Here's What We Know So Far [VIDEO]


The first-person-shooter video game "Half Life 2" has reached almost a decade-year-old, and there is no sign of the next installment to be released.

"Half Life 3" release date 'confirmed'

There have been many misleading information about "Half Life 3's" release date that gamers start to troll the web with jokes and memes - stating that the launch of this game is confirmed.

The truth is, Valve never confirmed anything. The game maker remains mum by refusing to comment on any leak and hoax circulating through the web.

"Half Life 3" to be released as VR game

The desperation continues as many fans speculate that the video game will likely be released as a VR game.

It happens after a leaked VR code that went viral hints at the installment is on development. It creates opinion split as half of the faithful gamers demand a no-VR support for the game, while the other half is given a false hope.

According to a representative of Valve Corporation, Chet Faliszek, there will be no "Half Life 3" on VR.

During an interview, Faliszek answered audience's question with a firm "No." The reason was that VR game development takes time, PC Gamer reported.

What we know so far about "Half Life 3" release date

There are a lot of sources that claim they have found leaks and heard of hints of the video game's details and release date. However, these reports are not yet confirmed by Valve officials. It has caused the curiosity increased as "Half Life 3" becomes more and more mysterious after almost a decade.

If rumors about Valve developing a VR game are to be believed, it must have kept the secret so brilliantly that not a single, legitimate news about the progress has been reported.

The fact that Valve has even considered the lengthy development of a VR game should indicate that "Half Life 3" is on the work.

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