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'Black Panther' Casts : Michael B Jordan's Character Gives Clue on the Upcoming Marvel Film?


Black Panther can be seen in "Captain America: Civil War". While the standalone movie will premiere in 2018, rumors on the casts are spilled out one by one. You may have known about Chadwick Boseman as the masked superhero of Wakanda kingdom but which side Michael B. Jordan is going to choose?

"Black Panther" villain

After fans get a taste of Black Panther in "Civil War", there are not many information on the upcoming Marvel's movie except that Michael B. Jordan just signed a contract for a role. However, lips are sealed and no official announcement is made on what role he will be playing. An insider source confirms that he will likely to play an antagonist. This leads to five possible villain roles: White Wolf, The Man Ape, Salamander K'Ruel, Erik Kilmonger or Arcade.

Before Jordan's joining the team, Lupita Nyong'O already attached to the movie, Variety confirmed. Jordan's first appearance in Marvel movie can be traced back in 2015 where he plays Johnny Storm in "Fantastic Four".

"Black Panther" movie director, Ryan Coogler has worked with Jordan before.

The young director and co-writer of the upcoming Marvel franchise previously worked with Jordan for "Creed" and an indie movie, "Fruitvale Station", Hollywood Reporter has learned.

"Black Panther" plot rumor

As for the movie itself, the rumor gives clues of the plot. It might focus on the fictional African country Wakanda, that is 'the most secretive country that produces the most valuable metal on Earth, Vibranium. It is also the material used for "Black Panther" suit.

T'Challa is a physicist from Wakanda, whose father was died in "Civil War". Not to mention, he is the only Avenger to have an important position in the United Nation.

Possible plotline could be a billionaire in black suit fighting for his kingdom from the enemies trying to steal Vibranium?

According to the Daily Mail Online, "Black Panther" will be the first black superhero standalone movie in 2018. "Black Panther" movie release date is on Feb 16, 2018 and the production will start in 2017.

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