‘Left 4 Dead’ Campaign Dam It Launched For Free; Add-On Comes With Several Issues [VIDEO]


"Left 4 Dead" campaign Dam It was launched by its developers as a free-to-download. The add-on, unfortunately, comes with several issues for players to bear with.

"Left 4 Dead" add-on includes survival maps

Turtle Neck co-founder Chris Ashton posted on their official forums that they have finally released their unfinished "Left 4 Dead" campaign called Dam It. For the fans of the game franchise, this comes in as a great gift since it can be downloaded for free for those who own the old classic game. Since there is no "Left 4 Dead 3" as a sequel to "Left 4 Dead 2," this campaign will be a great addition.

This old, unfinished campaign for the video game will include two standalone Survival maps that were never released for public use. The Dead Air and Blood Harvest campaigns are connected together with this.

How to install "Left 4 Dead" Dam It campaign add-on

According to the official website of Auger Resources, they are currently hosting the download link for the unfinished add-on. After downloading the files needed, players will need to choose between the Automatic Install and the Manual Install method.

Automatic Install will only unzip the .vpk file and they only need to double click it to launch the campaign and "Left 4 Dead," while Manual Install needs them to copy the addons folder to the game install folder.

"Left 4 Dead" Dam It known issues

Ashton clarified that the "Left 4 Dead" add-on is a gray box, and some of the code features are missing. He assured that the campaign is playable from start to finish, which will at least give value to it. Since it has missing codes, it will not change the codes of the main game and that means some features will not work.

One of the known issues of the Dam It campaign is the issue of fire, smoke, and explosions will not trigger panic events in the hangars. Zombies will not crawl all the time in the orchard is another issue that players will experience in this add-on. The dam spawn room will not have health kits and weapons issue is concerning since it will be hard for players to finish the game without them.

Check out the "Left 4 Dead" Full Trailer video below:

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