‘Hitman’ New Big Update Launched Together With Season Finale Episode [VIDEO]


IO-Interactive has launched recently a new big update for 'Hitman" together with the season finale episode. PC-specific support details have also been revealed with a new trailer, which can be viewed below.

According to the official website of the video game, the update was launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC together with Episode 6: Hokkaido. It has a lot of improvements and fixed a lot of issues the game was plagued with. The game owners are warned that the update will be around 5GB to 8GB, which will depend on their platforms, and the new episode is about 6GB to 7GB.

For some of the numerous general improvements in "Hitman," the images of the targets are now shown on the loading screens this time around. These will not be shown for Escalation Contracts and other objectives are not displayed however. The debriefing screen will also show the objectives' information and a scoring screen will display a count of how many objectives have been completed.

One of the many issues that were fixed with this latest update is the issue that could cause opportunity steps to remain on screen when switching between opportunities. Another issue fixed was the bug where Agent 47 would get stuck in the environment after the valve was loosened on specific gas tanks. It also fixed an issue where the prompts inject poison and subdue would overlap in the game sometimes.

According to the official website of Steam, there are specific support features of the PC with the latest big update. It will enable support for DirectX 12 and it will now support multi graphic processing units. The multi GPU feature can be enabled through the game launcher.

Before trying out the multi GPU option, players should know that only dual GPU configurations are supported for now. They should expect that the highest scaling will only be in 1440p or 2160p. The Steam overlay will be also automatically disabled when using the feature due to the issue of an incompatibility. 

Check out the "Hitman" Season Finale trailer video below:

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