Samsung Killing Its Galaxy Note7 Nightmare Before It Kills Someone [Video]


Plagued with battery problems, it seems Samsung cannot escape its nightmare. Replacement units were reported to have the same flaw.

Owners of Samsung Galaxy Note7 were called to power down and stop using the device, this was an advisory sent out by Samsung following a recall of the device last September. A minor battery manufacturing flaw causes the unit to combust or explode while being charged was said to be the cause of the unfortunate mishaps.

Replacement units were provided by Samsung assuring its customers that the new units are now safe. However, reports started coming in that the supposedly 'safe' replacement units begun to spontaneously combust as well and even caused a domestic flight in the US to be evacuated, after the device started emitting smoke. The beleaguered South Korean tech giant had no recourse but to halt production of its Galaxy Note7 line of smartphones, and asked carriers and retailer partners globally to cease sales and exchanges of the units while a thorough investigation is underway.

Samsung gave a statement on its website advising owners of the Galaxy Note7 or its replacement, to turn their phones off and stop using the device. They said that consumers' safety remains their top priority citing that they are working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the recently reported cases involving the Galaxy Note7

According to BBC News, Samsung is putting a compensation scheme into place. Users can either have their money back in full or swap the Galaxy Note7 for an older and smaller- screened Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge plus a partial refund.

The latest report we learned of Galaxy Note7 is that Samsung is officially scrapping the flagship line. Samsung's decision to officially kill off the Galaxy Note7 should cap months of tension for the company but not after incurring a $17 billion loss in sales. Samsung produced 2.5 million units of the device that garnered rave reviews upon its release

Quite ironic that Samsung used to build its Galaxy line with removable batteries but stopped doing so starting with the Galaxy S6. The incident now adds due pressure to another team within Samsung who is set to launch another flagship device next year called The Samsung Galaxy S8.

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