Samsung Will Cut Off Connections Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 From Cell Towers [Video]


Samsung New Zealand has had enough of people who still refuse to turn in their Galaxy Note7's as a precaution for them to be spared of untoward accidents.

Starting Nov. 18, Galaxy Note 7 owners will find their units unable to connect to any New Zealand mobile network to make calls, use data services, or even send text messages. The report in Gizmondo even wished the stubborn owners luck if they can do anything with it if they insist on keeping their dangerous device around.

Samsung New Zealand urged customers to turn over their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for a refund or replacement between Nov. 4 - 18. The statement also said they will contact owners on at least two separate occasions reminding them of the discontinuation of service ensuring that they have been properly informed.

However, there are still individuals, despite the warning, chose to keep their Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Josh Dickey, an editor at Mashable in the US, blogged about why he is keeping his smartphone. His reason for keeping his phone boils down to statistics, and that his most arguable reason is that $0.03 is significantly less than the cost and hassle of participating in Samsung's recall, according to MashableAsia.

That is well and good for New Zealand, but what of the US? The US, on the other hand, is considering options to ensure that all Samsung Galaxy Note 7s that are still in customers hands be returned as smoothly as possible.

Samsung went through a lot to protect users from accidents by limiting charging of the device to up to only 60%. Samsung has even offered cash incentives for customers to voluntarily turn in their units in exchange for new units. These moves have sunk its teeth deep into Samsung's profit margin, as well as tarnished their reputation, which would be harder to win back.

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