Auckland, New Zealand Student Invents Shellfish-Saving Technology, A Laser: Guess How Old The Student Is [VIDEO]


Unlike any 18-year olds would do, Mitchell Hallows, a teenager from Auckland, New Zealand cared to invent a laser tool that could save shellfishes and other water life forms. It all started with the budding inventor feeling worried over having to prematurely remove Paua, an edible seashell known in the US as Abalone, from the seabed in the process of collecting mature ones.

Hallows, the budding scientist in South Otago knew first-hand the harsh consequence of removing the seashell prematurely from the seabed- its ultimate bloody death. And so, he was urged to invent an underwater device that spots undersized seashells from big ones, Seeker reported.

Immediately, academics all over New Zealand celebrated such feat by the teenager and noted the tool's immense use in the future. With the tool enhanced, experts believed its focus would go beyond mere seashells, to spotting fishes and other marine life forms.

Eventually, Mitchell Hallows the supreme innovator titles at the 2016 ASB Bright Sparks Awards for his innovative work. Obviously, his laser hasn't only let out a light, but nevertheless started out a spark among youths.

Accordingly, the ASB Bright Sparks is New Zealand's best awarding showcase for innovative young minds in the field. Essential in its vision is its main interest of exposing the younger generations to science, technology, environment, software management, etc. without smothering them with overly academic methods. Innovation is the key here, ASB Blog reported.

Hallows' newly-invented Koru Paua Tool is a direct indication of how local fishermen and divers in New Zealand care so much of their environment. Consequently, Paua shellfishes are essential in molding the environmental identity in the place so that making sure their young ones are saved from the folly of excessive collection is definitely worth the sweat and penny.

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