Google Fiber Holds Expansion and Reduces Employee Base


Google Fiber halts its expansion in 10 cities and is laying off employees. Craig Barratt, Fiber's executive, resigns as the company deals with a major fallback to the ambitions of covering the country in an ultra-speedy internet.

Barratt informed in a web post that he would remain as an adviser.

He further reiterated that Fiber is on the transition of focusing on new technology and methods of deployment as it plans to change its product and business strategy.

Locations that have already had started with Fiber will proceed. However, there will be a halt in "potential Fiber cities"where Fiber considers to roll out Fiber.

Barratt assured that the company will continue partnership discussions the moment that Fiber has advanced solutions and technologies. He wrote that Fiber will decrease the number of employees in locations that are in exploration level and in localities that are under supporting operations, as reported by USA Today.

Google Fiber is already set up in eight cities and is determined to developing in another four metropolitan areas. It has been replanning how to deliver speedy access by transitioning to wireless. This is a cheaper option compared to digging up streets and setting fiber cables. Fiber targets bringing one gigabit per second of Internet speed to cities all around the country, however, there has bee a slow movement.

In a recent statement, Fiber announced that it would purchase Webpass, which brings its services to residential and commercial zones. Webpass sends data between installed transmitters on top of buildings.

Fiber is checking the possibility of combining its own wireless technology, Webpass, and leases of

active fiber and municipal broadband networks to hasten its expansion to enhance its efforts to bring fiber-optic cable to all residential and commercial zones it serves.

Google Fiber belongs to the division of Alphabet Access, that was started in the restructuring of corporate Google as Alphabet.

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