Apple's MacBook Versus Microsoft's Surface Studio Desktop


Microsoft overshadowed Apple when it unveiled its new Surface Studio desktop PC last week.

This hybrid kind of desktop and tablet as reported by Steve Kovach of Business Insider, is a new computing technology.

Apple showcased its new lineup of MacBook Pro laptops during the assembly of tech reporters in Cupertino, California last Thursday. The laptops showed the same design but with a new touch-screen, Touch Bar, as an addition.

It was striking to see the contrast between the MacBook Pro and the new Surface Studio. It seemed that Microsoft has out-innovated the company that dared its clients to "Think Different."

With Microsoft upstaging Apple with the sophisticated Surface Pro tablet, Surface Book laptop, and Surface Studio PC, millions of Apple Mac loyalists are asking why does Apple not creating a better Mac?

With this, most Mac fans just do not realize that Mac's replacement has already been released---the iPhone.

The global market acknowledges that the most valuable company is Apple. This is all certainly because of iPhone. Even though the market share is dominated by Android phones, the end of 2015 has been a witness that the iPhone was more profitable compared to all the powerful manufacturers of Android phones.

Thirty percent of all App Store transactions are due to the iPhone. This includes iCloud storage and Apple Music.

As there is a drive in the growth of iPhone, the significance of Mac to Apple decreases.

Even though most would desire a touch-screen Mac, Apple has already focused on the iPhone and iPad. It is undeniable that most people do their tasks on iPad or iPhone.

The world might be waiting for the iOS to mature. Apple still needs to maintain the Mac for people who still do not think that the iPad is good enough. This move makes people maintain the balance for Apple and iPad.

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