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Oct 30, 2016 10:56 PM EDT

Clinton and Trump's Silence Regarding Issues in Education


The most critical issue in education that the United States faces in the decade seems to be unaccounted for after three presidential debates and with less than ten days left before Election Day. This is connected with how children and young adults can compete globally.

College affordability was the focus on education issues. It has been surprising in the presidential debate that education has not emerged as a clear political concern between the two aspirants. Interestingly, there has been an education gap between the voters since the start of the campaign. Pro-Clinton voters largely benefited from the transition from manufacturing to an information-based economy. Pro-Trump voters are those voters who do not have college degrees and have struggled in this new economy.

It is necessary to prod on issues on how America educates its next generation since the digital age has changed the way people access and process knowledge and apply it in their future work. The current education system has not changed with the traditional manner where attention, silence, and punctuality were all prioritized. Students do not learn independently until they go to college. Teachers are focused on curriculum guides and in preparing learners to take standardized exams, as reported by Washington Post. 

However, learning becomes independent-mannered after college life and for the rest of a person's life. A person is responsible for choosing the knowledge and skills that he or she lacks, where to obtain that information, and how to fit learning into one's daily life. Unfortunately, students become hard-wired with the programming laid out by a nine-month academic calendar.

Little children do not lack a flexible mindset. Most children are born with one. This is the reason why young children never stop asking questions. However, as they go to middle school this people stop asking questions.

The United States will keep on moving and never return to an economy based on manufacturing in the decades to come. It is crucial that young individuals are equipped with hard skills and soft skills. These include problem-solving, communications, and working in groups. This needs to be discussed in this election.

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