UFO Sightings 2016: Newest Footage of Flying Space Craft Goes Viral, Causes Panic [VIDEO]


The latest UFO sighting has caused the Austrians panicking. The spooky image of an alleged flying space craft shows an object with spherical shape that produces purple bright light in the sky.

The UFO sighting has made Vienna residents worried that the police kept receiving phone calls about the report. According to witnesses, the alleged UFO continued to hover on top of other cities, including Graz town. It is uncertain whether it is an unidentified object or just a quadcopter flying over the city.

It has even caused opinion split as half of the commentators believed that it was just a spacecraft poorly captured. Judging from the image, it cannot be determined what the object is because of the blurry quality.  

At first, the video recorded students dancing and it quickly panned up as it spotted a glowing space craft flying. The object was so bright and it is reported that it was struck by lightning when caught on video.

It is not the first UFO sightings in Austria, according to Latinpost. There was a time when a flying space craft was spotted in Mostviertel. A few days ago, a UFO was seen hovering Moscow and caught in the eye of a witness who then uploaded a footage of the flying object.

UFO sightings debunked?

Many UFO experts denied the claim by stating that the news about alien arriving on Earth is nothing but rumor. The UFO sighting footage in Vienna is not yet clarified, The Local reported. A YouTube video said that it is a publicity stunt that wants to sell a story to the media.

Check out the report on UFO sighting in Vienna in the video below!

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