'The Walking Dead' Season 7 News & Update: What Glenn’s Final Words Truly Mean? [VIDEO]


Steven Yeun said in an interview that he put in so much sincerity as he played his character Glenn in the "The Walking Dead." Glenn bid goodbye to his pregnant wife Maggie due to Negan's brutal murder of him and Abraham in the first episode of the "The Walking Dead" Season 7. It can be recalled that Negan smashed Glenn in the head to the point of total ruthlessness, using his baseball hat Lucille.

Yeun talked about what Glenn meant when he said the words "I will find you" to Maggie. He said that those words were indicators of Glenn's lingering thoughts which were just there the whole time, and when Negan smashed his head, those words came out in an attempt to convey a promise to his wife. Maybe, they will find each other in the next lifetime, or maybe he will watch over his wife and their baby.

Yeun admitted that he kept the secret about Glenn's death in the series for a year. If he is to decide who will die in the series, he would also choose Glenn just like what has happened in the comics of which the story was based on. He justified his statement by saying that Glenn's death was a true iconic moment, that it has to happen in a necessary manner, as reported by TV Line.

When asked about his good moments in the show, Yeun talked about the time when he was covered with guts and goo. He aso talked about the emotional moment that Daryl will face because of what happened. Yeun also became emotional when Chris Hardwick made a memorial video about Glenn, as what is posted on Vanity Fair.

Fans of Glenn are mourning about his death. Looking back, Glenn was just an ordinary pizza delivery boy who saved Rick when he was stucked in a walker-surrounded military tank.


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