3 Things Why Thunderbolt 3 is a Game-Changer in MacBook Pro 2016; New MBP Price is Just Worth it? [VIDEO]


MacBook Pro 2016 version has paved the way to the retirement of previously known connectors and introduced the four Thunderbolt 3 connectors. People may have doubts on the newly launched connectors but there are three reasons why Thunderbolt 3 is the game-changer in the new mac.

3 Reasons Why Thunderbolt 3 is a Game-Changer

1) Thunderbolt 3 is Eight Times Faster

When compared to the traditional USB 3, Thunderbolt 3 appears to be eight times faster because of the doubled-up bandwidth. According to Slash Gear, this speed is equivalent to transferring 25,000 high-resolution photos from iPhone 7 Plus in less than 60 seconds and a whole-day full video coverage in less than two minutes.

2) Thunderbolt 3 is Versatile

There are many things that a single Thunderbolt 3 can do such as data connection, power delivery and can deliver two 4k display and 5k display video support. But the most notable among its functionalities is the delivery of power in both directions.

3) Thunderbolt 3 is Compatible

Thunderbolt 3 offers wide compatibility to previous connectors. Through its compatibility feature with USB-C, connectors such as Lightning cables, micro and mini USB, ethernet adapters as well as VGA or HDMI.

New MacBook Pro Worth the Price

People tend to question about the way Apple has put premium on their MacBook laptops and there are those who agreed about the pricing of the new Mac. But most tech analysts said that the pricing is just at par with the features they got from MacBook Pro 2016 which has become more efficient in many other ways. 

An Apple consultant in Madison named Jerry Zigmont said every price increased in the new Mac is an increase in processor, speed, graphics and memory, Forbes reported. He added that there are loopholes found in the new MacBook Pro but he is certain that the price is an exception as Apple is not targeting low-end market.  

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