Another Original Cast of ‘The Walking Dead’ is Heading Towards Death on Season 7; Fans Speculate its Daryl Dixon? [VIDEO]


Most of the fans of "The Walking Dead" TV series were left devastated after the gruesome death of Glenn Rhee. Now, spoilers don't know how to stop as there is another speculation that the well-loved Daryl Dixon is heading towards his death in the hands of Negan. Know the truth here.

Daryl Dixon Will Die?

Fans speculations about the death of another original cast of "The Walking Dead" are pointing out to Daryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus. According to Vox, the actor is having his own reality show titled "Ride with Norman Reedus," wherein his schedules might not permit to shoot for any episodes of "TWD."

A conflict of interest is also seen as a possible angle for Reedus' character to be out in "The Walking Dead." The same publication reported that Reedus' new reality show will be aired in AMC, and the network might not allow the actor to appear in both TV shows.

Furthermore, what makes the speculation heavy is that Daryl Dixon is not in existence in the original story from the comic book. Which means, his character can be easily pulled out from the entire plot of the story.  

Farewell Glenn Rhee

Fans' worlds shattered after witnessing the brutal death of Glenn Rhee, played by Korean-born actor Steven Yeun, in the hands of Negan. Negan wacked Glenn with his baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire in the season 7 premiere of "The Walking Dead". As a matter of fact, due to heavy devastation and uncontained emotions towards Glenn's death, a newspaper orbituary section has posted about his death and asking for justice, USA Today reported.

Furthermore, The obituary has described Glenn Rhee's character as a faithful friend, a loving husband to Maggie and a cheerful pizza delivery boy who can lighten up anyone's day through his smiles. The writer has also asked everyone to literally defeat Negan to honor Glenn Rhee's memory. 

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