Career 101: This Is The Biggest Problem That Millennials Are Facing In The Workplace Today


There is a lot of negative feedback on the current generation of professionals in the workplace. Millennials have been described as entitled, lazy and demotivated when it comes to their careers.

However, it is highly likely that millennials are just misunderstood. It was previously reported that employers should keep up with the evolving workforce. Young professionals these days want their work to be more than just about themselves. They want to give back to society through their jobs.

75 percent of millennials believe that businesses are too focused on their own agendas instead of focusing on improving society. Only 28 percent believe that the organization they're currently working for is making full use of their skills.

Moreover, 50 percent are willing to take a pay cut to find work that matches their values. 90 percent of the survey participants admitted that they wanted to use their skills for good.

According to Inc., this is one of the biggest problems that millennials are facing at work today. Quora user Tom Sullivan noted that young professionals these days are stuck doing "shallow" work.

"Rather than diving deeply into complex projects, we are jumping from micro-project to micro-project throughout the day and never really take the time to grind away at the deeper, more important stuff," he wrote. "We call ourselves 'busy' with a bunch of different projects, but in reality the quality of each of those projects is greatly diminished when our attention is spread so thin."

Sullivan noted that the reason why millennials are stuck in this "shallow" way is because of constant communication with people. Apparently, there is "a barrage of constant electronic distraction" which causes an inability to dive deeper into our work.

Older professionals don't have this problem. They can easily tune out incoming notifications from their inbox and other distractions.

This ability to be able to block out distractions and focus deeply on a task may become a huge asset for a millennial worker. Sullivan added that this would make a young employee stand out from the crowd.

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