‘Westworld’ Might Have Revealed The Entrance To The Maze [Video]


"Westworld" has not shed much light on what the maze really is, but Dolores had a vision of a church. Could that be the entrance to the maze?

The ongoing theme opening in "Westworld" begins with Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) and Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) recall for the host that Bernard is conducting. The process is not clearly explained nor implied if the events that are transpiring in the openings are flashbacks or if the actual "interview" runs along a different timeline as that of each episode or if the process is done on a day to day basis.

In the fourth episode "Dissonance Theory," Bernard asks Dolores to try a game, a secret Maze game whose object is to find the center of the Maze in which Bernard if she does, she might go free. The next scene was of Dolores waking up in a field holding a gun.

In episode two, a child host told The Man in Black (Ed Harris) that the maze was not for him. In the storyline, it was said that The Man in Black has been returning to "Westworld" for the last 30 years, presumably to look for the Maze. Several theories revolve around his identity with some saying that he might be William (Jimmi Simpson), according to a theory by The Hollywood Reporter.

Gathered from Business Insider, Dolores met Lawrence's daughter, a young girl host in Las Mudas' town fountain, greeted her, and asked her where she is from. The young host looked at Dolores and told her "same as you, don't you remember?" By this line, it is implied that the young host has retained cognizance that Dolores seems to lack. Hosts are purged of memories once a particular narrative is played out or are killed and then re-inserted in "Westworld" for other guests of the park to experience in another narrative.

Upon hearing those words, Dolores hears a disembodied voice saying "Remember." Theories abound again who that voice belongs to. Some say it might be Arnold, Dr. Robert Ford's (Sir Anthony Hopkins) partner in creating "Westworld." The voice triggered Dolores to access lost memories that came rushing in a blur. This includes a vision of Lawrence's daughter in a past and present event and the church.

Dolores shakes off the reverie and finds the girl host drew a maze map in the dirt. Suddenly, the girl is gone, Dolores recalls her father is dead and was about to be turned in by the sheriff, probably for purging, until William intervened.

The mystery abounds if Dolores finds the entrance to the Maze. On a final note, Dolores is the oldest host in "Westworld."

"Westworld" is on HBO, Sundays, 9:00 p.m.

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