Perrie Edwards Homeless After Zayn Malik Split: ‘He Did It By Text’ [Video]


Little Mix member Perrie Edwards felt "homeless" after her split with former One Direction member Zayn Malik last year, wherein he ended it all through a simple text message.

Edwards and Malik started dating back in 2012 and have lived together after being engaged in 2013. In 2015, a representative from Malik's camp confirmed the couple has split and ended their engagement.

Independent reported the 23-year-old Edwards found it highly stressful breaking up with Malik describing how she had no idea what to do as she has written in Little Mix's new book "Our World." Previously, the couple shared Malik's $6.7 million North London home.

Little Mix was promoting "Black Magic" at the time and doing a lot of traveling. In America, she realized she was homeless causing her to cry every night in panic fearing the day of coming back home. Her bandmates came to her rescue and offered her to stay with them, but she had to decline due to their lack of space for her and her multiple pets.

The singer's mother worked for Richard Griffiths' Modest! Management and he offered her to stay in his guest cottage for as long as she needed until she can get back on her own feet. A gesture by Griffith she was thankful for. She says she put her stuff in storage and lived out of her suitcase for a good month and a half, according to E!News.

Edwards has her own place now citing she was initially scared to sign the papers but felt a sense of pride and independence when she finally did. Recalling how Malik ended their four-year relationship and having been engaged in two of them, she finds it to be the worst day of her life having it all end in a simple text message.

Edward's career is doing well but she finds it difficult to be happy on the surface but felt broken inside. Malik has not commented yet on her revelations in "Our World."

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