‘Shadow Warrior 2’: Giving Free Patches That Offers Famous Sword, Missions & Modes [VIDEO]

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"Shadow Warrior 2" is getting a free patch on Oct. 28. The free content will include a famous but troublesome sword from the first installment.

The Nobitsura Kage Katana Returns

"Shadow Warrior 2" players will receive new weapons that also include the Nobitsura Kage Katana. Game developer Flying Wild Hogs promised that the upcoming patches will have a number of new missions, a new mode for hard-core players and a co-op mode. Additional contents will also add more new weapons and other items.

Players are also concerned about the number of bugs in the game; however, the developer promised that the upcoming patches will fix most if not all of them. The upcoming free content will also adjust the difficulty setting and skills as well as the game's current drop system. The developer is asking its player base patiently wait for the upcoming patch.

Flying Wild Hog & Behind the Schemes Video

The developer has also presented a 16 minute documentary detailing their game development process and how they do things in Poland. The video clip is titled "Behind the Schemes."

What Is "Shadow Warrior 2"?

It's a first-person shooter (FPS), role-playing game (RPG) that combines guns and swords to fight off monsters. The second installment features the return of the game's hero Lo Wang. He will once again use both weapons and magic to keep the monster at bay and prevent them from ruling the world.

Available On Steam Online Store

"Shadow Warrior 2" is currently available on Steam but can only be played in the Windows PC platform. The game's retail price is $40 but the price may vary depending on the country the buyer is in. The game is also available as a basic package, Deluxe and Deluxe Upgrade. Most of the game's buyers and players gave it a very favorable review.

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