Taylor Swift New Album: Likely to Be Released Before Holiday Season; Includes a Heartbreak Song About Calvin Harris? [VIDEO]


Taylor Swift might have a big surprise for all her fans around the world since the pop icon is likely to release her new album for 2016 just before the holiday season. There is no information about what the album may sounds like but a heartbreak song about Calvin Harris is likely to be included. Check it out!

Hints on TS New Album

Taylor Swift is known for releasing her album once in every two years. And following the pattern, her popular album called 1989 was released back in 2014 and fans speculated that another one is coming before 2016 ends.

Friends of Taylor Swift like Kesha has dropped a hint in her Instagram account that made the fans speculate that Swift is working on her new album. In a report of Digital Spy, Kesha has posted that she is making a song together with a Grammy awardee and in her post are 13 emojis.

In reference to Kesha's Instagram post, fans began to speculate that it's Taylor Swift who is singing in the background of a certain video. Not to mention that 13 is TS favorite number and she is also a Grammy winner.

Taylor Swift 2016 Album

There are rumors suggesting that Taylor Swift 2016 album will sound like a recap of her career in the music industry for 10 years. According to Vox, the new album is likely to sound like her very first one "Our Song" which was released in 2006.

Rumors suggesting that one song in the album will sound like "Teardrops in My Guitar" that is dedicated to Calvin Harris. The legion of fans also speculated that the new album might be consist of mini films just like what she did in Wildest Dreams that was shoot in Africa, an action movie like Bad Blood and running around a mansion in Blank Space. 

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