Elon Musk: Spaceship to Mars is Almost Complete; Ticket Price to Mars Revealed! [VIDEO]


The visionary CEO of SpaceX has dropped hints through his Reddit account that the spaceship to be used as a transportation of humans to Mars is almost complete. Is human habitation in Mars can happen in less than 40 years or so? Find out here.

Last Sunday afternoon, Elon Musk has logged on to his Reddit account to let his fans ask him anything about his vision on human habitation in Mars, and for the latest updates on the SpaceX spaceship use for transportation. According to Business Insider, he revealed that the ITS spaceship core structure is almost complete and is being tested for pressures, stress and temperature.

In his Reddit account, Musk said that the carbon-fiber fuel tank is the hardest part of the spaceship. Although Boeing and NASA are already working on their own tanks, SpaceX is different because it appears wider at roughly 40 feet wide.

To be able to put up a fully sustainable civilization in Mars in 40 to 100 years from now, Musk believes that a sturdy spaceship that could pass through the intricate environment of Mars is very much needed. Musk foresees life in Mars as having many miners/tunneling droids and underground passageways for industrial operations and glass domes for green living,  NBC News reported.

SpaceX has planned to send out a Dragon spacecraft to Mars in 2018 to conduct series of tests such as navigation and landing capabilities, which will then be followed by the first manned mission to Mars in 2024 and will arrive in 2025, Los Angeles Times has learned.

Musk said that the spacecraft to Mars will have 100 to 200 people per trip that could take from 80 to 150 days. He also said that to be able for the spacecraft to return to earth, a propellant production plant will be built in Mars to supply for the spacecraft's fuel. Ticket to Mars will cost $500,000 each passenger. 

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