Apple Rumors: iPhone 8 Looks Like a Bezel-Less iPad, Works Like a MacBook Pro, Feels Like an Apple Watch? [VIDEO]


The presumed iPhone 8 is shaping up for the 10th iPhone anniversary celebration of Apple in 2017, which the tech giant will introduce a phone with revolutionary features. Could it be true that iPhone 8 will look like an iPad, works like a MacBook Pro and feels like an Apple Watch? Find out the truth here.

Looks Like a Bezel-Less iPad

When it comes to the physical design, the presumed iPhone 8 is said to feature a look similar to an iPad but bezel-less. According to Slash Gear, Apple's anniversary phone will introduce a Touch ID sensor alongside an OLED screen display with size at par with the smallest iPad variant.

Works Like a MacBook Pro

Aside from having an innovative physical design, under the hood specs of the presumed iPhone 8 is rumored to be similar or go beyond the performance of a MacBook Pro. According to BGR, Apple's anniversary phone will be more powerful than a PC, with a built-in NVIDIA 1080 card inside its GPU due to the higher polygon count and apparent frame rate the phone possessed.

Feels Like an Apple Watch

In reference to the rumored specs and features of the upcoming Apple's anniversary phone, it is perceived that the tech giant's goal for iPhone 8 is to provide not only a high-caliber smartphone but also convenience and comfort that can also be drawn out from their Apple watch series. With antennas and battery hidden at the screen edges, the presumed iPhone 8 is expected to be flawless yet powerful.

Other Rumored Features of iPhone 8

Interesting news about the presumed iPhone 8 goes around the augmented reality subject, which is said to compete with the Hololens of Microsoft. As added by the same publication, the next-generation phone will come off as transparent so that the users can see straight through it.

In addition, headset with eye sensors is also believed to be coming with the iPhone 8. The phone's body is perceived to be wrapped around by Gorilla Glass sandwich that makes it resistant to breakage when dropped.

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