Smartphone VR Battle: Google Pixel Phones Have Leverage on VR Daydream, Oculus Rift Dies with Galaxy Note 7 [VIDEO]


Behind the bland looks of Google Pixel phones is a doorway towards virtual reality world. Google seems to have an edge with its VR Daydream platform against Oculus Rift that died alongside the explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Find out the VR secrets behind the beautiful screen of Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

Google Pixel Phones Doorway to VR

Snapdragon 821 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM is the main reason why Google Pixel phones are considered as the fastest android phones so far. According to Polygon, Google has become successful in attempting to deliver a high-end competitor of iPhones.

However, truth be told, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is likely to be the closest competitor of Google Pixel phones especially the Pixel XL. The two flagships are in a heated race towards VR mainstreaming but Galaxy Note 7 has met its untimely death due to the battery explosions issues reported globally.

For this reason, Oculus Company has immediately announced the removal of support for their VR platform in all Galaxy Note 7 handsets until further notice, according to The Verge. As a result of Galaxy Note 7's fiasco, Facebook's effort on VR mainstreaming has died down, thus, having Google Pixel XL as the queen of virtual reality on smartphones.

With the release of Google VR Daydream on November, the search giant is anticipating greater demands of Pixel XL from the market. Pixel XL has a beautiful 5.5-inch screen in a 2560 x 1440 resolution with 534 ppi, perfectly recommendable for virtual reality platform.

Furthermore, according to VR enthusiasts, Google Pixel XL appears to have clearer screen when placed in a Daydream viewer compared to the head-mounted displays of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. For this matter, Google Pixel XL is said to be the deal breaker and fuel of change that is about to happen in the world of virtual reality and smartphone no matter how boring it looks. 

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