Guilana Rancic and The Best Career Advice For College Graduates


As the co-host of E! News, Giuliana Rancic knows what it means to work hard and get a career going. According to Rancic, it pays to work hard. And she emphasizes that you need to work hard even when no one is, or you think no one is watching.

Giuliana Rancic has a successful career on television. Her resume holds an impressive list of references and job titles. She has spent about a decade on the set of E! News, Pop Sugar details. You may have seen her on the news, on red carpet events, and even on Fashion Police.

This recognizable personality has one thing to say to recently graduated college and university students. As they enter the world of careers, job hunting and professionals, it is important to always remember her words of wisdom.

Are you getting an entry-level job? Recent grads most likely will start at the bottom, for Rancic, it is important to be first in the office. "I think what worked for me was that I was always the first one in the office and I was always the last to leave," the network personality explains.

It is important to create an impression of a hard worker especially when you are just starting out. Entry level personnel are noticed every time. According to her, thinking that you are just a small screw in a big machine that no one notices is the wrong kind of thinking.

People of authority, those in the higher up, notice excellent and hard working individuals from the bottom. Your managers and supervisors can sense that and "they want to nurture that."

Rancic goes on to say that companies want people who are also "yes" people. It is hard to say "yes" all the time but they want people who do not use the word "no."

And when they ask you to do something, sometimes they don't tell you the reasons. You just have to do it. That is what makes a great PA, interns and assistants at E! They work hard and they work their way up. Plus, Rancic would always try to put in a good word for them and say, "That girl's sharp, she's a hard worker, we should try to hire her."

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