Stephen Hawking Partners With Colleges To Research Artificial Intelligence Droids


Professor Stephen Hawking recently unveiled an Artificial Intelligence Research Center. The Center is set up at Cambridge University just this week.

The Center will focus mainly on Artificial Intelligence but will look into "Terminator" style army droids - like in the movie. The Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence is looking into the development of Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of society. And that also include military applications, according to Inverse. The CFI will make sure that the research will follow both sides - how it can benefit and harm humanity. Which is why they are working with universities, colleges and other experts from the different areas to find out what impact A.I will cause in their respective fields and industries.

When it comes to military use, the CFI will guide that particular development by considering how intelligent weapons should be regulated by policymakers. According to Stephen Hawking, he hopes to undo the damages done by human kind by industrialization to the natural world. He hopes to eradicate poverty and disease as well.

His research, according to his statement, will change all aspects of human lives. He believes that creating Artificial Intelligence is going to make an impact in the world. But when it comes to military use, there is much discussion around the area. Military robots are a concern after a police robot killed a suspect during a Black Lives Matter protest. The United States Pentagon is looking into Artificial Intelligence robots in the future.

Stephen Hawking's center is a collaboration between Cambridge, Imperial College of London, Oxford University and the University of California, Berkeley. There is still much to consider especially regarding the regulation of these robots. If a "Terminator" style robot is going to be produced, then the British Standards Institution and the IEEE Standards Association has to work on an internationally focuses set of guidelines.

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