Former Microsoft And Yahoo Exec Offers This Career Tip To Fresh Graduates


There are a lot of opportunities for fresh graduates out there. Sometimes, though, we may not be able to land our dream job right after college.

A report by Michigan State University found that hiring and the starting salaries for college graduates will be higher than they've been in years. Recruitment is expected to go up by 23 percent throughout all degree levels.

This is believed to be largely caused by company growth and employee turnover. Those who will graduate with bachelor's degrees can expect a 19 percent spike in hiring.

The biggest hiring increase will be felt by graduates of associate degrees, with an estimated 37 percent increase. Fresh graduates will also benefit from some of the best starting salaries in a decade, which is expected to increase by an average of 4 percent across all degrees.

That does not mean, though, that fresh graduates should just accept a job for the money. According to Business Insider, Joanne Bradford, chief operating officer of online lending company SoFi, advised against money being the driving factor for a career move.

"Don't always sell your soul to the highest bidder," she said at Cosmopolitan and SoFi's Fun Fearless Money event last month. "I don't think that always getting paid more is the answer, there's a lot of things that go into the equation - timing, skill set, the health of the organization, the growth of the organization."

Bradford is a former executive at Demand Media, Microsoft, Pinterest and Yahoo. She noted that a professional may miss out on worthwhile learning experiences, especially when working with a startup, if one's focus is solely on earning big bucks.

"I've taken some pretty big salary cuts to join organizations with upside potential," she added. "Some of it has paid out and some of it hasn't. I'm probably batting 50/50 on that. But in the end, the value to my overall career has more than paid itself off."

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