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Who Will Be America's Next President In 2016: Check Out Upshot's Elections Model Forecast Results! [VIDEO]


The battle is on and is getting tighter by the moment. Subsequently, big questions arise as to who will be the next celebrated president in America in 2016. Now, for the first time in months of hardcore political campaigns, the Upshot's elections model forecast results finally project in close-calls, Clinton's imminent victory.

According to the latest Upshot election model forecast result and the latest state and national polls Clinton is currently taking a stronghold in the presidency. As updated earlier, the figures yield out 91% chance of Clinton winning, while 9% chance of Trump otherwise, the New York Times reported.

Many staunch political analysts prefer the statistical mechanisms of the Upshot because, besides having the fastest chart updating technology, it simply draws honest and real-time figures among its charts. Nevertheless, its system is certifiably safe from manipulated by human interventions.

Albeit it might be possible for polls to tighten up before the most-awaited election on November 8, the chance for Trump winning is still extremely slim. This dramatic rise of poll projection in favor of Clinton has long been agreed upon by poll-based and market-based forecasts.

Therein, it is still significant to note the visible deviation between the two, sometime before the first presidential debate. All the more, such deviation would further credit the validity of the Upshot results, Heavy.com reported.

Trump's ultimate drawback from the polls can be accounted for by the large number of supporters he had lost from his own party. From the 84 percent solid Republicans backing him, the figure now drops down to 77 percent.

Accordingly, such displease by his own supporters can be accounted for by the accusations about Trump's aggressive sexual behavior and the Hollywood tape, not to mention a pile of other controversies concerning Trump University, CBS News reported.

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