Global Smartphone, ‘Honor' Teams Up With Marvel: A Double Promotion Of Its Technology And Movie 'Doctor Strange'? [VIDEO]

Oct 22, 2016 AM EDT Global Smartphone's "Honor" partners with Marvel to promote its film "Doctor Strange". Interestingly, the company plugs in great features of its flagship product in trade of 2 tickets to the movie.

Top 5 Films MBA Students Should Watch: Academics Couldn't Agree More To Hans India's Latest Ranking! [WATCH VIDEOS]

Oct 11, 2016 AM EDT The best environment for learning is not limited in the school. Sometimes, random activities like watching a film can actually help MBA students conquer the stress.

Kaufman Astoria Studios Extends Its Sound Stages To NYU Students Free Of Charge [VIDEO]

Jul 16, 2016 AM EDT Kaufman Astoria Studios offers free access to their sound stages to select film and television students of New York University.

Movies Encourage Youngsters to Drink More Alcohol, Study

May 23, 2014 AM EDT A study conducted by researchers at the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands found that most films glamorise drinking, which encourages young people to consume more alcohol.

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