MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date: macOS Feature Revealed – Siri, New Messaging, Photo Management, Cloud Integration, Efficient File Storage, More! [VIDEO]


Everything about MacBook Pro 2016 under the hood specs have been revealed through rumors just before its release date. This time, let's get to know how the macOS Sierra will turn the new machine into a revolutionary one.

The macOS Sierra is the latest version of operating system rolled out by Apple to its MacBook devices. According to The Verge, old macs get an upgrade in a convenient and seamless process while the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 will have the newest OS pre-installed. So what macOS Sierra can do to the new mac?

Voice Assistant - Siri

The most popular voice assistant of iOS is included in the macOS Sierra for the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016. According to Apple blog, Siri in macs works like Siri in iOS but with brand-new ways to accommodate the users from his day-to-day tasks.

For example, if the user is busy working on a document and he needs to inform a coworker that he's working on it, he can ask Siri to send a message to his coworker saying it's on the way without having to stop what he's doing. Another incredible thing Siri does is to locate file forgotten files by just saying one word that is part of the document.

New Messaging

There are new ways to liven up the conversation using MacBook Pro 2016 through the new messaging feature. The user can preview links and play videos inside the conversation window as well as sending back huge emoticons in a friend's bubble.

Photo Management

Another notable thing that macOs Sierra can do is the functionality called Memories which allow the users search for the photos by through the scenery and objects in the photos. This new functionality automatically produces a slideshow of the best and shareable collections of the best photos located in the storage.

Cloud Integration

Users need not to fret when their storage has maxed out. macOS Sierra will automatically store rarely used files in iCloud as well as remove old files. For this matter, there will always be available room for storage for the new files. 

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