MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date: The Truth About Magic Keyboard, October 27 Event, Refreshed MacBook Air and iPad Pro [VIDEO]


Oct. 27 remains the legit date for the rumored launching of MacBook Pro 2016, alongside the refreshed MacBook Air and iPad Pro. Here's everything you need to know about MacBook Pro 2016 release date and the mysterious and elegant magic keyboard.

Next-Generation Magic Keyboard

A redditor named Foxconninsider claims to be an employee of Tsinghua University, where the manufacturer of most Apple products, Foxconn, conducted closed-door meetings and presented two prototypes of unreleased Apple products. According to BGR, the redditor revealed about the new MacBook keyboard module, in which, other reports referred to as Sonder's magic keyboard with E ink display on individual keys.

Foxconninsider also revealed that the smart magic keyboard will feature a colored E ink instead of the conventional grayscale ones, and is slated to be released sometime in 2018. For this reason, MacBook Pro 2016 is unlikely to include the magic keyboard during its presumed launching in Oct. 27.

October Apple Event

Recent reports about the rescheduling of Apple fourth quarter earning calls had led to a conclusion that the tech giant is likely to have the launching of MacBook Pro 2016 on Oct. 27. According to Express, Apple iPhone sales have drastically gone awry and the presumed launching of the new Mac is expected to be a blockbuster one.

In addition, Apple's grand launching might also aim to steal the limelight from Microsoft, who will be hosting an event a day before. The windows-maker will introduce the most talked-about Surface PC and the rumored Surface phones.

Refreshed MacBook Air and iPad Pro

New upgrades of MacBook Air and three new sizes of iPad Pro are also expected in the end of October event. According to the same publication, the two products, including the most anticipated MacBook Pro 2016, will run on AMD graphic chips similar to iPhone 7, which is said to be twice faster than its predecessors. 

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