Google Pixel Phone Review: 3 Things Why Android Users Won’t Buy the High-End Pixel and Pixel XL Handsets [VIDEO]


Google Pixel phones are almost perfect according to most reviews and it is perceived that Android lovers most especially the Nexus users will make a dramatic shift. However, that is not the case for there are reasons why Android users won't buy the high-end Pixel and Pixel XL Handsets.

Most Users Choose Cheaper But Reliable Android Phones

Samsung and Apple are not Google's biggest challenge when it comes to smartphones but it's the Android community itself. According to Forbes, most users will choose cheap but reliable android-operated smartphones over an unknown and untested Pixel brand.

Example of this is the Spark X manufactured by a British company Wileyfox. The phone runs Cyanogen OS and is considered as the top tier device of 2016 that runs a MediaTek 6735 chipset in its processor, 16GB on-board storage, 2GB of RAM and micro-SD support.

Spark X specs and features may not be as remarkable compared to Google Pixel phones but the phone can do day-to-day tasks that a user expects for a smartphone to be able to do. Cheaper phones like Spark X is a competent tool for mundane tasks such as web browsing, social media, answer e-mails and respond to texts and calls. 

Price is not Practical

For an average Android user, Google Pixel phones features may not be as appealing as Nexus. Since Google positioned the newly launched phones under high-end category, aside from the premium price, the new technologies and features of the phone might intimidate users. Besides, according to Express, the physical design is not worthy of its price.

It's About the Brand

If an Android user may decide to shift to premium phones, basically, he would jump off to the shift of Apple. The Cupertino-based company is known as the world's manufacturer of high-caliber products such as MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhones lineups. Furthermore, Apple is doing an excellent job in associating the brand association to luxury and status in life. 

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