Low Income Students Receive Financial Aid In Education Program


Helping each other is always a great thing to see in a community. When it comes to students coming from the low-income category in Iowa, they are getting some much needed help.

The students at the Iowa Western Community College are motivated to achieve one thing - to get better job opportunities. The path to education leads to another path - employment.

Which is why the Education 2 Employment Program at Iowa Western is helping students take that step, cites DesmoinesRegister. The program itself is funded by the state of Iowa.

The program focuses on low income students to enhance their skills that would lead them to employment in the future. How can a student avail of this program?

Interested students will get screened by the college to determine eligibility. The eligibility requirements are based on family income, family size and skill level. When a student gets accepted, the individual can choose between the following college fields. They can choose between Health, Information Technology, Business, Manufacturing and Logistics. These are all short term programs that focuses on the skill set. Which means it does not follow the traditional two or four year course degree.

In addition to the educational support, the program also assists with child care, books, transportation and even course materials. Some courses need welding boots and scrubs when the student is enrolled. Once the student is enrolled, the individual gets a pathway navigator to generate a career path or degree plan. And for those struggling in learning, there is a non-traditional and traditional approach to learning for students.

The program hopes that students will grow in their career paths. According to the program, adults can also join by taking the HiSET exam which can earn them the equivalent to a high school diploma. According to the school, the E2E program can help fulfill educational and employment dreams through the funds they receive as a support.

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