Google's Virtual Assistant Has A 'Bad Taste' For Humor: Comic Writers To Humanize Google's AI Technology? [VIDEO]


"Why does the chicken cross the road?"

"It saw something on the other side."

This is a major example of a "bad taste" for humor statement spoken by AI assistant Alexa. Now, if one thinks about Iron man's "JARVIS" or Scarlett Johansson's sexy, enticing AI character in "Her", then one would certainly be tempted to conclude that AI technology has perfect intelligence.

For a moment, that could be true. However, that isn't the only standard. The bigger push here is the humanity of the voice. And, by humanity, it would also include the comic remarks in it.

This is the main reason why Google is asking for help from accomplished comic writers to widen the vocabulary of human gigs and expressions in its virtual assistant program. Why is there such a big deal in it? It is simply due to the fact that the AI technology movement had since been yearned to perfection in human responses. After all, what is artificial intelligence without the casual humor in its tone?

As of the moment, Google is currently opening its list of candidate comic writers that could best out in humanizing Google's AI technology, TechCrunch reported.

For many instances in the past, Google has been noted crossing beyond boundaries by teaching its AI technology to write short stories, understand subtexts, interpret emotions, etc. All of these are consequences of the creators want to make AI close to the users in terms of emotion, and not just of thought. For sure, Alexa's "bad taste" for humor can hinder the desired authentic human engagement.

Meanwhile, several Google sectors have been noted by a lot of industries to be already at the helm of AI perfection. Right there and then, Google executives responded with an even humorous but substantial tone saying, "Machines may yet take over the world, but first they must learn to recognize your dog", the Guardian stated.

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