'Doctor Strange' 15-Minute IMAX 3D Sneak Peek Revealed On Monday, Did The Trailer Reveals Major Spoilers? [VIDEO]


"Doctor Strange's" 15-Minute IMAX 3D sneak peek was revealed on Monday, Oct. 19, in selected screens. The sneak peek shows some exciting scenes of the upcoming movie.

The footage introduced Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) as a surgeon. It also introduced Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), a fellow surgeon, during a conversation, according to IGN.

The publication provided some cuts of the 15-minute sneak peak video. In the latest trailer, viewers can see buildings bending in half, spin, and fold on themselves. It also shows Doctor Strange and Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) stop Kaecilius and his forces.

Since this movie is another Marvel flick, the latest trailer also shows some easter egg. According to the same publication, the footage shows the building of Avengers.

Just like other Marvel movies, there is a Stan Lee cameo, wherein he is in a bus during the final battle.

Meanwhile, "Doctor Strange" director Scott Derrickson took to Reddit in answering some questions from a fan. In the thread, he revealed more about his upcoming projects and talked about how his previous works will affect "Doctor Strange."

Derrickson wrote that there is no straight horror in this movie; however, it is a bit darker, and more serious tone compared to other Marvel flicks. He also talked about the villain in the movie, which was portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen. He explained how this villain will stand out, Independent UK has learned.

Derrickson also said that he wanted a villain that was driven by a compelling agenda. "He is a man of ideas. He has a cogent, defendable point of view," he added.

In other news, "Spider-Man" spinoffs are on the way, according to the publication. However, this movie might not be related to Marvel Universe.

"Doctor Strange" is slated to premiere on Nov. 4. For more updates, keep your tabs on University Herald (UH).


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