'Logan' News & Spoilers: New 'Logan' Image Shows Mysterious Motel [VIDEO]


Even with the release of several details about FOX's third "Wolverine" film, which has been given the official title "Logan," there is still a sense of secrecy when it comes to details about the movie.

The title has already been speculated by several online publications, and in a report by ComicBook, Hugh Jackman sent out a tweet that confirms the official film title.

With just half a week since the title reveal, fans have been steadily fed with information in the form of the official poster and several released images. Even Director James Mangold released a page from the Michael Green and David James Kelly R-rated script, which only furthered fans' excitement for Jackman's last run as Wolverine. A

n Instagram account named "wponx," which seems to be a wordplay on "Weapon X," has been activated since the release of the official title. The Instagram account is responsible for unveiling an image of a weathered Professor Charles Xavier, who is played by actor Patrick Stewart. Wponx also released an image of a man's severed arm, which is said to have been sliced off by Wolverine's "adamantium claws."

Wponx's Instagram account will reportedly continue feeding fans with image spoilers and teases. According to ScreenRant, a night time image of a puddle with a reflection of a neon-lit motel has just been released.

Motel A photo posted by @wponx on Oct 9, 2016 at 7:24am PDT

The released motel image is extremely vague. The black and white style of the released image seems to evoke the feeling that "Logan" will have a much different tone than the the rest of the films in the "X-Men" movie franchise.

The recently released images also alludes to "Logan" being a globetrotting adventure, where the story takes place in different parts of the globe. Although much about the film is still unsure, the teases will certainly add fuel to the fire of fan speculations in regards to the direction that Mangold and Jackman wishes to go with "Logan."

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