'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Release Date, Features: New Trailer Reveals Z-Moves For Mimikyu, Bewear [VIDEO]


Pokemon buffs, rejoice! "Pokemon Sun and Moon" release date is just around the corner, and fans already have something exciting to cheer about, the Z-Ring.

The Z-Ring is a corresponding accessory to the highly anticipated role-playing video games, which is slated to hit the store shelves on Nov. 18 worldwide and Nov. 23 in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS. The real-life bracelet not only interacts with the games, but also reacts to players' Pokemon using their Z-moves by vibrating, making sounds, and lighting up to match what's happening in-game.

A slew of new images of the Z-Ring and its packaging have surfaced online, including a glimpse of the separately sold packages of Z-Crystals which players can add on to the Z-Ring. Every crystal represents a different Pokemon type. The images were posted by Twitter user HauntobotTesla (@AutobotTesla).

Nintendo U.K. recently released a brand new trailer for "Pokémon Sun And Moon" that features Legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala. The new teaser trailer gave players a look at more than just the nominal Legendary Pokemon of the games, and showcases the Z-Moves of new Pokemon creatures, dubbed Mimikyu and Bewear. Apparently, a clear visual of how the Z-moves would play out in the upcoming games has finally been revealed.

The trailer shows Mimikyu, who is a Ghost/Fairy-type Pokemon, exhibiting a Z-Move dubbed as "Never-Ending Nightmare," according to Pokemon Sun and Moon official website.

Bewear, on the other hand, is a Normal/Fighting-type that boasts the Z-Move called "All-Out Plummeting." The trailer also teases Alolan Slandshash and Vikavolt's Z-Moves, but it does not reveal what they are called.

Aside from unveiling the Z-Moves, the new "Pokemon Sun and Moon" trailer gives fans a sneak peek of the transformation of first-generation Pokemon Exeggcute, Marowak and Pikachu into Alolan Exeggutor, Alolan Marowak and Alolan Raichu repectively.

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