Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy Is A Master in Bilingual Education


You know him as Spock in the 'Star Trek' franchise. But behind the alien persona, Leonard Nimoy is a highly educated man.

Born in 1931, Leonard Nimoy, was into acting since he was eight years old. He joined children's and neighborhood theater. In his home, his parents want him to attend college in order to pursue a much more stable career. However, his grandfather encouraged him to become an actor. Before he got famous, Nimoy took drama classes in Boston College. While studying, he sold vacuum cleaners to pay for his education.

He cannot remove himself from acting. It is something he always wanted to do. He even took Marlon Brando as his role model. In 1953, Leonard Nimoy enlisted in the United States Army Reserve at Georgia. He spent his time putting on shows he himself wrote and hosted. Later on, he attended Antioch College and earned his Master of Arts in Bilingual Education.

It was only after hiss university days that Nimoy started out in Hollywood playing smaller roles before being known as the famous Spock. He is also a recipient of two honorary doctorates for his work in Holocaust remembrance, arts activism, and advocating for the environment. He is also often the keynote speaker at numerous universities. According to The Richest, Boston University also awarded him an honorary doctorate of humane letters.

Nimoy's legacy, is said to be his enjoyment of Spock in Star Trek. His character explores humanity and examine what it means to be human. After his death, many mourn the loss of a beloved character. In 2015, an asteroid was named 4864 Nimoy in his honor. And a feature film documentary on his life and career was released in September 2016.

What is interesting to note is that he continued his passion for acting while pursuing his studies. He is missed by many 'Star Trek' fans as well as those who follow his career.

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