‘Final Fantasy’ Art Director Ends his Service on Square Enix


Art Director of the popular video game "Final Fantasy" Yusuke Noara has just called it quits from his 24 year of service at the Square Enix.

Naora posted several tweets on his official Twitter account explicating that the soon-to-be-released "Final Fantasy XV" is the last installment of the Final Fantasy series where his works are going to be portrayed, Forbes reported. Moreover, he also shared that the last installment of the game could be a sign for the series' conclusion, and says that it is also one of the best in the series. Furthermore, he also clarifies that he wants to retain credits to the game, which is how things are supposed to be.

The main reason of the art director on quitting and resigning from his job is that Naora has a deep sense of need to reconnect and experience life together with his family, which is why after legalities are done, he will be heading back to his hometown in Izumo, Japan, Inquistr has learned.

It has been 20 years since Naora worked at Square Enix, and his initial works on the "Final Fantasy" series could be seen on the sixth installment as well as on the seventh and eighth, where he worked mainly as an art director.

Naora is also the genius behind other popular games such as "Chrono Trigger," and some animations such as "Front Mission" and "Vagrant Story."

However, even if he will have to end his service at Square Enixit seems like he will still be connected with the company as a freelancer especially that there are some new projects the Square Enix is working on as of the moment.

Naora has been very good in his niche. He has fought and end victorious on a lot of console generations on games that is popularly known as classics within the medium.

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