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Nike’s HyperAdapt Self-lacing Shoes Set to Hit Markets on November


Shoe manufacturer giant Nike has finally released an official date on when its newest pair of shoes is going to be launched. The self-lacing sneakers is inspired by the legendary shoes worn by no one else but "Back to the Future" star Michael J. Fox. The company's Heidi Burgett posted on her official Twitter account that the HyperAdapt 1.0 will be available as early as Nov. 28 on selected Nike retailers in the United States.

As of the moment, the price of this amazing pair of shoes is still unknown, but fans should expect that the shoes will cost a higher value, according to Wired.

The features of this pair of shoes include an internal cable system made up of fishing line as well as a pressure sensor attached to the sole. That is, when a user wears it, it necessarily tightens and suits to fit in your feet and could be adjustable through the buttons found in the tongue.

LEDs are also integrated in this cool device that will light up that will indicate that the shoes is tightening as well as when it has a low battery, thus, the rumor is true that the shoes needs to be charged. It will take almost three hours to fully charge the shoes and each charge will last for about two weeks. The lace is only an added aesthetic but it surely tightens to fit perfectly in your shoes, as reported by The Verge.

Nike has been releasing a lot of sneak peeks for this shoes in a long time now. Then just last October, Tinker Hatfield, the genius behind the 'magic' shoes sent a working prototype to Fox himself. Last year, the company said that a consumer version intended for mass production will soon be sold and thus, the HyperAdapts are going to be available in the market on November.

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