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‘Modern Warfare Remastered’ Accesible Only with ‘Infinite Warfare’ Disc Says Activision [VIDEO]


"Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" and its newest special non-digital edition needs to have an "Infinite Warfare" disc to be used in order to play the much awaited "Modern Warfare Remastered," which Activision endorsed just today.

A clarification about the FAQ regarding the process on how the updated 2007 version is going to be accessed is posted by the company's publisher on its official website just today, and made things clear about the necessity to have the "Infinite War" disc to be able to play "Modern Warfare Remastered," IGN reported.

It is known that the "Modern Warfare Remastered" should be downloaded fully sourced from the network of PlayStation so that the PlayStation 4 could have a physical version of the "Infinite Warfare" special edition. On the other hand, for Xbox One players, "Modern Warfare Remastered" could be played through the "Infinite Warfare" disc, which could be played by doing an additional download first.

Both of these cases need an Internet connection to be able to access and play the "Modern Warfare Remastered".

These differences are being capitalized by the company as something very much important so that the buyer will not be buying alone a Legacy, Digital Legacy or a Digital Deluxe editions of the game to access and play the "Modern Warfare Remastered," since players must keep the disc to be able to enjoy the game, Polygon reported.

Activision's way of selling the disc encourages players and users to buy the special edition, download the "Modern Warfare Remastered" and sell the other remaining things to friends or exchange it somewhere else.

Moreover, it seems that the 30-day trial of the game is only accessed by those users who had a pre-purchase for the digital edition. The video teaser released by the company entices PlayStation 4 owners where players assumed that the physical editions would be there as well.

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