Drake At Drake University: School Campaigns ‘Silliness’ To Drake Fans And Would-Be Students


Ever had a rapper make your dream come true while you were sleeping? Drake University just experienced just that when Drake came over while they were sleeping.

While many were excited at this, they never expected that he'd do it while they were getting their much needed zzzs. Drake University has been busy nudging the Canadian rapper to drop by in their campus. They've been asking him to come over since 2009. No one thought he would show up because of his busy schedule and all. So for the students at Drake U, they never thought that their pleas in social media would even get a nod.

But the platinum-maker did show up. While on tour in Des Moines, Iowa, Drake decided to drop by, according to Time. The "Bring Drake to Drake" campaign paid off. "I'mma pull up on ya," says Drake on an Instagram post. This happened when the students saw their city as a stop on his Summer Sixteen Tour. His comment went viral.

Niki Smith, Drake University's digital media strategist tells Time that they are embracing the silliness. While it is a great publicity and marketing stunt to get Drake to notice the university, it is also a great way for Drake's fans to notice the school. The university even took one of his songs as a campaign statement: "Should he wish to take us up on our offer (because YOLO)... We'll be waiting for that hotline to bling!"

Everybody was in on it. The staff and even the student body president made her own meme. They waited. But nothing happened. So much for the hype. But Drake is a sneaky one. He was performing at a venue just a few minutes from the campus. He appeared only in the middle of the of the night wearing the school's jacket. Drake went incognito! And then went back to his jet.

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