You Can’t Please Everybody: Life Lessons from A Google Career Coach


Jenny Blake, a former career coach from Google says that she knows what makes a successful career. Blake is the co-founder of Google's career mentorship program and she believes that people who are people pleasers will not gain any direction in life.

Blake herself has mentored people at Google. On her own, she runs a business and career strategy firm. And she shares some of her secrets in order to help students, and professionals become successful.

"People-pleasing and doing what friends or family or society would deem successful often keeps people stuck in place," she told CNBC.

Here are four tips from her book "Pivot" that explains why you don't need to always make people happy:

1. It is tiring to always follow that instinct that wants to make people happy. People pleasing is exhausting. And, according to Blake, it inauthentic because you place their needs ahead of your own.

2. People pleasing is not realistic. You can't always make people happy all the time. You may end up running yourself to the ground if you want to please everyone.

3. It derails you from your own personal goals. It takes you away from your own career path.

4. It could hurt your career. Blake says that the universe rewards backbone. And if you do not speak up for yourself, it could lead to disasters.

But Blake does not mean you burn bridges. What she means is that you have to stand and stay true to yourself. She recommends that everyone should be friendly and be a team player. But over analyzing and obsessing over other people's thoughts and feelings is not always helpful.

It is best to spend your time "not" pleasing everyone. Spend your energy creating and being true to your own direction and wants. And then serving others from that "full place."

Do you still feel like pleasing people? Watch this video below to learn more from Blake:

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