Top 5 Universities For Life Sciences Degrees: Consider Studying In These Schools


Maybe you are considering to go into pharmaceutical studies, biochemistry or a somewhat related bio course. There are tons of universities out there that offer such courses. But only few are considered as the best.

Life sciences is a diverse section. And all of them lead to a career in multiple industries. Such as pharmaceutical companies, forensic sciences and even environmental careers. And for you to make the best choice, here are the top 5 schools that offer such degrees:

1. Harvard University

Ranked as the top American college that has biomedical engineering, humoan evolutionary biology and neurobiology. Postgraduates are encouraged to pursue postgraduate work in medical school or scientific research. Times Higher Education has it that other students have even went into business and advocacy groups.

2. University of Cambridge

This university offers a whole school for it. The School of Biological Sciences offers nine different departments, including biochemistry, pharmacology and zoology. They also offer pre-clinical veterinary sciences and behavioral sciences. And what is interesting is that Charles Darwin was an alumnus of Christ's College in Cambridge.

3. University of Oxford

Another school with specialised departments. The famoous evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, is connected with the school. They offer degrees in the science and clinical divisions of the university. The graduates are known to have high profile careers.

4. Stanford University

A University known for its science and innovation contributions. Specifically its developments in the Silicon Valley. But it is also a leading school when it comes to life science research. The school offers biochemistry, biophysics and a host of other subdisciplines.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT also a school known for its life sciences courses. Offering minor and major degrees, courses range from biological engineering to "Science, Technology and Society." Most life sciences graduates go on to medical school, while some MIT graduates enter finance, forensics and intellectual property law.

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