Beyonce’s Lemonade Is Being Offered As A University Course


This popular artist is known for her top Billboard hitting songs. And she has rocked MTV's core for the past decade. While many try to learn her moves, her songs and her song styles, one school decided to use her song as a course.

Are you interested to learn about Beyonce's 'Lemonade'? If you are enrolled at the University of Texas at San Antonio, they you are in luck. You can have the opportunity to sign up for a class called "Black Women, Beyonce and Pop Culture," according to Mashable.

Students who are enrolled in the course will explore Beyonce's discipline in depth. Digging deep through her visual album and its relationship with Black culture and Black feminism.

And this is not a joke. The university actually offers the course. And to make sure it is legit, the students who are attending the program will get real credit just for listening and watching Beyonce's 'Lemonade.'

The class is scheduled to meet three times a week. The course curriculum is organized by the album's themes and song tracks. Professor Kinitra Brooks prepares the course starting with "Formation" and ending with "All Night." "Lemonade" is not just about "Becky." There is a ton of material to cover in "Lemonade" and Brooks prepares materials that includes mass suicide of black slaves and black culture, especially female culture, in America.

But it is not an easy course. Professor Brooks emphasizes that this is not only a chance to listen to one of the most popular singers in the world. It requires students to be critical thinkers at it studies race, gender, pop culture and class.

"Do an internal check for your maturity and ability to handle such a self-directed course. There is no shame in deciding you are not ready," emphasizes Brooks. And if you work hard, you shouldn't get anything less than a "Bey" on your report card.

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