'Pokemon Generations' Episode 3 Arrives: Title, 5-minute Episode and Elite Four Bring Back Nostalgia?


'Pokemon Generations' episode 3 has just arrived? What's the title and the plot?

The episode 3 of "Pokemon Generation" titled "The Challenger," was uploaded on Youtube. The five minute episode focussed on Blue, Professor Oak's grandson and Red's rival in the original "Pokemon Red" and "Blue" games, Comic Book reported.

The latest episode also shows the return of the Gary Oak and Elite Four. "Pokémon Generations" follows the story of the Blue or Gary Oak, the trainer and the grandson of Professor Oak. It latest episode shows how he will face the Elite Four. The series also tells audience how Gary made into Indigo League.

Agatha, Lorelei, Bruno, and Lance also appeared in Episode 3 along with Pokemonsters Gengar, Lapras, Machamp, and Dragonite.

Blue used Pidgeot, Alakazam, and Blastoise during the battle with Red. The ending of the episode is Blue is waiting for Red to arrive in the final room of the Indigo Plateau.


The "Pokemon Generations Episode 1: The Adventure" garnered 1m views already. In this episode, Pikachu ends up having to run through every single one, fighting some tough battles. There is a Caterpie also.

"Episode 2: The Chase" has some changes and it focused on the hunt for Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, by Detective Looker.

Follow the story of "Pokémon Generations" on Youtube.

Meanwhile, as the episode airs on Youtube, the Pokemon Company announced their big news. The company confirmed that a new title is in the works for the Nintendo NX console, Express UK reported

The publication's report suggested that a new title is in the works since August. It also added that Game Freak is responsible for developing the new title. Tsunekazu Ishihara, chief executive of the Pokemon Company, announced the news on earlier in September.

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