Top 3 'Nobel Prize' Awardees Revealed: Academics Of Topology Finally Enhanced? [VIDEO]


The top 3 "Nobel Prize" awardees are finally revealed. Once again, the winners stirred the academic community by bringing in theoretical explanations for the less-frequented questions about matter in the light of topology, hinting a possible enhancement of topology in the academic scheme.

 The top three "Nobel Prize" awardees are:

1. Duncan Haldane, Princeton University

2. David Thouless, University of Washington

3. Michael Kosterlitz, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

These are the great but unusual minds that rocked the hall during the presentation of the Nobel Prize award yesterday. But what is most notable of the 3 is that fact that they are products of the 20th century "brain drain" that drove British scientists westward to greener pastures in science and technology, the Economist reported.

The top 3 awardees were handed the prize because of their hard work and their major contributions in the scientific field. What hailed them from the rest is their remarkable command in applying topology to materials science.

Primarily, topology is a branch in geometry that dwells on the "invariants" or most frequently known as holes among geometric shapes. This is a very important area in science because it explains the inner workings of the unusual states of matter. Ultimately, their discoveries contribute much to the strengthening and enhancement of topology curriculums in the academe.

Accordingly, as per awarding agreement, the 8 million kronor ($930,000) was broken into two. The first half was compensated to Thouless for holding a bigger domain, while the other half was handed to Kosterlitz and Haldane, Statesman reported.

The top 3 Nobel Prize will finally be joining the ranks with the other big names Marie Curie, Einstein, Niels Bohr, etc. Hopefully, with the kind of approach in Physics the awardees are forwarding, superfast quantum computers will finally take lead along with the fastest machines in the future. After all, the very definite picture of the future had since projected technological innovation as an inevitable outcome, Reuters reported.

But first thing's first, topology will yet have to go through a definite process of enhancement in today's academes in order for the science innovators to take a leap.

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